S.I.M.C.A. SPA (Societa' Industriale Macchine Cucitrici Automatiche) with headquarters and factory in Modena (ITALY) was first established in 1957 from local owner to produce machinery for wooden packaging and pallet.

From the beginning the company has been focused in finding the best solution possible for the market request. The results were already successfull and the market share of the company was already huge.

Due to this success in 1971 S.I.M.C.A. SPA was taken over by the CORALI group, leading manufacturer, in both Italy and abroad, for automatic and semi-automatic wood working lines for the market gardening sector and industry in general. The fusion of the two comapnies was going to increase the range of market where the two companies could reach together. In fact it happened.

In order to increase again the working volumes, in 1977 S.I.M.C.A. SPA began manufacturing cardboard processing machines and pushing very hard in his main knowledge:

OSCILLATING STITCHING SYSTEM!! 1979 was born the first stitching head oscillating system for corrrugated industry, It means the box never stop during the stitching cycle. For long time S.I.M.C.A. SPA was the only one which was able to supply this type of system. This allowed S.I.M.C.A. SPA to be known worldwide for his historic discover.

This discover permitted to S.I.M.C.A. SPA to be recognize as leader in Europe for many years... Later in the 90's this leadership was confirmed also in Asia providing many automatic stitching to the main asian groups as APP, Cheng Long, Sinar Mas... and other private companies that understood the technology advantages.

The next major event in the development of S.I.M.C.A. SPA was the planning of a line of slotter and casemakers noteable for their totally revolutionary concepts and leading edge technology. For this reason S.I.M.C.A. SPA invested in Rapidex company that was already involved in printing/slotting production.

In the first year of new century the Rapidex shares were sold. In the mean time S.I.M.C.A. SPA has developed new direct drive system.

NEVER STOP EVOLVING: In last years has been developed new solutions answering to the market request. His team is always looking for new challenge to face end improve his knowledge in order to satisfy the complexity of the market requests.

Today S.I.M.C.A. srl (was SPA) is in Bergamo (ITALY) and it is recognized as the technological leader in the manufacture of cardboard stitching machines "worldwide". In particular, S.I.M.C.A. srl is responsible for introducing and patenting the called "pendular system" which permits the continuous feed of the process material, together with a NEW special stitching head with speeds over 1100 stitches per minute.

Stay tuned... Future will be much more exciting!